Self Titled and Unmastered

by Larry

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All songs written and recorded by Larry a.c. Owen, in Los Angeles, CA, during the long four months of September 2013- January 2014. None of this would have been possible without my brother Randy Owen. His music has a lasting impression on me.
Many-many thanks to the friends and family who have kept me sane through the thick and miles and the thin. You are all golden.

Album is currently only to be downloaded . Hard copies will be available for purchase soon to come. Artwork may vary.

This music is free, there is no fee. Please share and contact me directly for booking.

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released February 10, 2014

North Hoover Street, vegetables, Los Angeles, growing pains.



all rights reserved


Larry Boston, Massachusetts

I am where I could be.

Music by Larry A. Owen

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Track Name: Accepting Your Own
The first step is accepting your own
but I haven't had, the confidence to do so
but now that I've touched another human,
I can, I will.
And now that I've touched another human,
I am myself.

What my mind makes up
is half of who I am.
Will my mind wake up
to accept my own?

The first step, is accepting our steps
but we haven't had (yet) the clarity to do so
what my mind makes up,
is half of who I am,
Will our minds make up a direction?
We need a receipt for the repeats.
Track Name: Come Up Slowly (Dissapear Completely)
If you want me to,
If you don't write it down now,
the idea will never be clear.

As sad as it is, it's sad.
As bad as it is, the thought comes back

On the furniture
I put my feet up
sweet polyester,
I'm coming up, slowly.
Track Name: Room and Board
I miss you
and your kisses walk by me
to buy me coffee still,
I'm learning,
still searching
in her sweater,
can't control where we are
to the surface
I'm an exponent.
Track Name: Worth The Living
When I ask, "How, how you been doin?"
What I expect to hear is only, "Just the beginning."
So don't lie down,
adjust the ceiling,
and adjust the car to the lane.

Cause you, you make the heart that's worth living
a second mind-
a second to drive.
But you take my heart, and bake my thoughts,
I sware, not gonna go to waste.
That's worth the living.

There's an ache, an ache, an ache
and the pole left on your fate
And the truth be told by the hue.
Will the truth just unfold, from me?